This particular swimwear style is made with our 84% Supermicrofibra and 16% Elastano. Base with excellent elasticity and a velvety touch, resulting in a high-performance fabric. 

It features UV 50+ protection, Antibacterial and Aloe Vera. 

Our fabric suppliers always devoted a great deal of attention to environmental issues, and invested in technologies and processes that cause the least impact on the environment. 

The choice of digital printing was based on its low environmental impact. In this process, it is used water-based ink free of heavy metals, and the amount of water used is ten times less when compared to the traditional printing process.

The supplier of this fabric invested in new processes of effluent treatment and reuse 100% of the water. Today, 95% of all waste generated by the company goes for recycling.

Fabrics made with Super microfibre, which offers softness, a velvety touch and comfort. Elastane with chlorine resistance, increases the useful life and maintains the elasticity of the pieces for much longer. 


Maximum protection against ultraviolet rays, according to the Australian certification 50+ UV. Inhibits the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, guaranteeing hygiene, comfort and freshness. Treatment with Aloe Vera microcapsules released on the skin to liberate an active moisturiser, restoring and rejuvenating the skin, helping fight free radicals.


At 'made to be free' we are always looking for innovation in materials and processes.

So, our fabrics are not just a pretty face :-)