♥ Which size should I choose?

We recommend checking our size guide which includes a few tips that will help you determine the correct size for you, keeping in mind that 'correct size' can be subjective to the amount of coverage you wish. 

- For rings, please keep in mind that sizing varies depending on the time of day/year (your finger size can differ between morning and night/summer and winter). People usually wear smaller sizes in winter so it may be a good idea to choose a 'summer size' ring and in winter wear it with a band or a smaller ring that will hold the 'summer size' ring in place - and they look awesome together :-)

-For necklaces, please look at the sketch under every necklace description to have an idea of where each length sits on the neck.


Can I buy a bikini top and bottom separately or do you sell only the sets?

At the moment we have only the sets (top and bottom together) and a few separates. However, if after checking our size guide you still feel that you need to swap sizes reach out to us and we may be able to work something out for you :-)


♥ In relation to the bikini bottoms which styles provide more/less coverage?

Our Wide Side Ripple is our style that provides the most coverage.. but still cheeky!

Our Tie Sides (without the ripple) are the ones that provide less coverage.

You can find a few comparison photos under our size guide.


♥ How versatile are your products?

No one asked us this, but we want to respond :-)

We have styles with reversible bottoms and styles that are fully reversible which allows mix matching also, our tops have removable padding (please confirm features under each bikini description). The one-pieces are also super versatile as they can be worn for swimming, yoga or paired up with your denim shorts, etc.

In relation to our Silver 925 pieces, some necklaces can be worn as an anklet or bracelet depending on sizing; rings can be mixed and matched, and pendants can be attached to hoop earrings, other necklaces, anklets, and bracelets. Please just remember to handle it with care as each piece is delicate and fragile. We would love to see what you can create, please send us photos!


♥ Do items that sold out in size/style come back in stock?

If you have seen an item that you love and your size or the piece is sold out, please contact us, we can't promise but we may be able to get one for you :-) 

We tend to bring a few pieces back regardless of trend as remember 'here we don't follow trends, we create our own' and we love the idea of timeless pieces as whatever we find beautiful is on trend, it's that simple.


♥ What are the payment methods?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and AfterPay.


Is it safe to use my credit card online at Made to be Free? 

At Made to be Free, your personal online security is important to us. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to safely transmit your personal and credit card information. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system provided by Shopify. Additionally, for your safety and protection, we do not store any cardholder account data.