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      This particular swimwear style is made with our biodegradable Amni®Soul Eco® nylon, the first biodegradable nylon in the world, non-toxic to the skin – a Brazilian development by Rhodia-Solvay. 

      The supplier of this fabric was the first company outside Europe to obtain the European Flax® Certification that guarantees the origin of the linen used, ensuring its quality and non-pollution of soil from its origin in the plantation. 

      This fabric features Permanent Anti Odor technology - which inhibits the proliferation and bacteria (it is not lost in washes).

      The decomposition of fabrics like conventional polyamide, used to take decades to occur. Now 50% occurs in the first year and in three years is already fully decomposed, since disposed in a landfill (anaerobic environment, which is a technology used in the Brazilian landfill).

      The CO2Control® label attached to our swimwear means that the product was developed in an environment that uses recycled water and incorporating a philosophy of absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin, audited by accredited laboratories and certified with the world-renowned Oeko Tex® label.

      At 'Made to be Free' we are always looking for innovation in materials and processes.

      So, our fabrics are not just a pretty face :-)